Renegade Business Offers | Mangoletsi Jeep
PaymentsTermMonthly Payment
(exc VAT)
Excess Mileage
Per Mile Charge
RenegadeDiesel 1.6 Multijet Longitude 5dr 94748£144.385000£1299.42 No£199.00TBC
RenegadeDiesel 1.6 Multijet Longitude 5dr 93536£145.925000£1313.28No£199.00TBC
RenegadeDiesel 1.6 Multijet Limited 5dr 9
1.4 MultiAir Longitude 5dr 94748£142.19 5000£1279.71 No£199.00TBC
RenegadePetrol1.4 MultiAir Longitude 5dr 93536£147.365000£1326.24No£199.00TBC
RenegadePetrol1.4 MultiAir Longitude 5dr 92324£158.065000£1422.54No£199.00TBC

Contract Hire is fast becoming a most popular method of funding fleet cars throughout the business community

What is Contract Hire?

Under Contract Hire, vehicles continue to be owned by Mangoletsi (Holdings) Limited but are hired to you for a set period of time and at a fixed monthly rate. This method of finance can be useful for companies wanting to free up credit lines or improve cash flow by implementing fixed cost fleet operation.

How does Contract Hire work?

The monthly rental charged is calculated based upon the cost of the vehicle, the contract period and the anticipated resale value. It is also takes into consideration the predicted mileage, service and maintenance costs, together with any additional services such as relief vehicles.

The facility provides customers with a single monthly outlay which can include full maintenance/service costs, replacement tyres, road fund licence and if major repair an alternative vehicle will be made available.

The following services are included in the rate:-

This offer does not constitute an offer of finance. Errors and omissions excepted, and subject to change in manufacturers price and in bank interest rates. Passenger vehicles Only: Assuming some private use of the vehicle, VAT is reclaimable at 100% on Service Rental and 50% on Finance Rental resulting in the non-reclaimable VAT as shown.