A Glowing Review For The New Fiat Fullback

We'll soon be having another new arrival at Mangoletsi as the Fiat Fullback touches down! Once again it looks like we're going to be on to another hit with this stunner!

Although the one-tonne, 4x4 pick-up market is booming globally, the big sales for trucks like the new Fiat Fullback are in the Southern Hemisphere. In Africa for example, over 60 per cent of light commercial vehicle sales are pick-ups, while in the UK it’s more like six per cent.

That hasn’t stopped a steady stream of new pick-ups piling in to British showrooms, largely thanks to a peculiarity in the UK tax regime. It means company car drivers can save thousands of pounds in tax by switching to a luxuriously equipped double cab pick-up. It also explains why 80 per cent of the pick-ups sold here are high-spec versions with leather upholstery, top-of-the-range touchscreen systems, big flashy alloy wheels and auto gearboxes – and not the utilitarian load-luggers the taxman probably had in mind when creating the concession.

The new Fiat Fullback is the latest example to arrive, and it doesn’t buck the trend for high equipment. It’s a new market for Fiat, but the company has taken a very effective shortcut as – badges apart - the Fullback is an exact copy of the Mitsubishi L200, and built on the same production line.

Auto express have given the Fullback a glowing review which you can read here. Or you can watch a video of the Fullback in action below!