Double Award For Mangoletsi Brands

Mangoletsi brands are celebrating a double win at the prestigious 2018 Arab Wheels awards ceremony staged by publishers Trace Media, with awards for Alfa Romeo and Jep

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the first ever SUV to be produced by Alfa Romeo in the brand's 108-year history, was named Small Premium SUV of the year.

Success also came for the latest generation of the iconic Jeep Wrangler - the JL. Globally recognised as the undisputed off-road champion, the all-new model is not just the most capable ever, but also delivers the highest levels of comfort and superior driving dynamics, making it a unique vehicle for everyday urban adventures.

To be eligible for the Arab Wheels Awards, a car must be an all-new or significantly facelifted vehicle that has been for sale prior to the announcement of the nominated vehicles. The four jurors for this year's ceremony were Nabil Moustafa (Editor-in-Chief, Strive Middle East), Hisham Sakr (Pre-owned Sales Manager, Gargour Automotive Company), Khaled Hammoud (Co-Editor-in-Chief, Arab Wheels) and Issam Eid (Editor-in-Chief, Arab Wheels).

"The Arab Wheels Awards mean much more than just handing over trophies at a glamorous event every November," said Issam Eid, Editor-in-Chief of Arab Wheels and Director of Automotive Media at Trace Media. "It's a long assignment that is intended to inform potential car buyers about the vehicles that should appear on their shortlists.

“Notably, it also gives consumers a 50 percent say in the results via our online voting process, with another 50 percent for our judging panel who ensure the integrity and credibility of the awards, the main goal being to achieve a balance between the view of consumers and expert motoring journalists. The awards also serve as an important resource for the industry with a focus on excellence and innovation on a regional scale."

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