Presenting The Giannini 350 GP Anniversario

This Fiat 500 is no ordinary city car - this is the Giannini 350 GP Anniversario.

Italy's Giannini Automobili garage has taken the Fiat 500 and injected it with muscle and aggression in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

Slapping a carbon fibre body kit on the modest Fiat's frame, the famous Italian tuner has essentially replaced everything that made the 500 - minus its infamous circular headlights.

The 1.7-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine straight from the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car has been strapped into the rear.

It gives the Anniversario a power output of 350bhp and a top speed of close to 160mph - making it significantly quicker than any Fiat 500 you'll see on the road.

The rear-wheel drive motors has just two seats, and has been lowered so that it hugs the road, so much so that its bright yellow shock absorbers are visible peeking out of the boot and under the bonnet.

Fitted with a rally-style wing mounted on the roof, the powerful motor is also kitted out with new air intakes, a modified grille and neat 19-inch alloy wheels.

And the auto tuner has said they will make just 100 of the powerful motors, making them a rare buy!

While we might not be able to offer you a Giannini 350 GP Anniversario, we can offer you a 500 Anniversario that might just be a little more popular!

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