An Alfa Romeo Hypercar?

Alfa Romeo is arguably best known for its memorable car designs, from the iconic Spider to the beautiful Brera. While the Italian manufacturer has produced attractive sports cars such as the 8C Competizione and the 4C in recent years, to date the company has yet to build a thoroughbred hypercar. But what would it look like if they did?

Designer Matteo Gentile has created an Alfa hypercar concept design: the Alfa Romeo GTL Series Evo. Its striking shape could pass as a hypercar with its low body and aggressive air intakes – even if it looks like a Batmobile reject from some angles. Clearly, the priority was to make the design of the GTL as aerodynamic as possible, as seen in details such as the huge wheel arch air vents and low-set bumper, while the transparent glass top gives it a futuristic look.

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