As evenings begin to get darker earlier and the weather gets colder, you need to be confident that your vehicle is safe and reliable for the winter.

Even if you feel that your car is running perfectly fine, it is always a good idea to get a Winter Check before going into the colder months, as there can be problem areas that you may not be aware of.

Winter check with Wash & Vac - £29.95

A Winter check focuses on six main areas of the vehicle:

  • Tyre Inspection - tread depth and pressure will be inspected, to establish if they are safe to drive on.
  • Battery Test - to ensure your battery is protected, charged and secured.
  • Coolant & Antifreeze Top-up - to ensure the cooling system in your vehicle is optimal and to refill your antifreeze if necessary.
  • Windscreen Wipers Inspection - to make sure they are in a suitable condition for screen clearing, and your washer fluid will be topped up.
  • Lights Assessment - to ensure that all lights are working to the correct legal standard.
  • Oil Level Replenishment - to ensure your oil is at the correct level, ensuring that your engine can run smoothly.

Fuel, engine & A/C flush - £39.95

  • An engine flush cleans the oil ways, sumps and components in an engine from old oil and deposits of contaminants. Surfactants are flushed through the engine to thin remaining deposits of oil in the system and break down thick sludge.
  • An AC flush is preventative maintenance performed on your car's cooling systems, to clean out any sludge and sediment, while checking for leaks. Cleaning the system helps prevent damage to the components of your air conditioning unit.

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