How far will a charge take you?

The latest driving range figures for new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are now more accurate, so you can be confident that what you read is truly achievable in that car. That’s because they are now more rigorously tested in a way that truly reflects actual driving conditions.

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The new measurement
system is called WLTP, and
tells you how far you may be
able to go until you run out
of electric charge


Every car’s range is affected by
road conditions, weather and
driving style. But these make an
even bigger difference in electric
cars. So you need to know that
you can rely on the figures


Pure electric cars also have
an official WLTP electricity
consumption figure in miles
per kWh. This tells you just how
efficient it is – a higher figure
means it’s even cheaper to run.

*All figures shown are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect a particular vehicle or what you may achieve yourself.

Know Your Electric Range

How do they work out a new car’s electric range?
All official range figures for electric vehicles come from the new WLTP test. It’s a standardised international laboratory test, replacing the previous NEDC test that was over 25 years old. WLTP measures fuel economy, electricity consumption, electric range and emissions using more sophisticated testing techniques and tougher procedures. It’s based on the types of journeys and way we drive today, giving you more realistic and reliable information.

Are these range figures accurate?
The WLTP combined electric range figure is an average, worked out in a laboratory measuring different types of journey, from urban to motorway. Of course, the journeys that you take in your day to day life won’t be exactly the same each time: every day is different when you drive. So while the figures are clearly achievable, the range on your individual journey might be different.

How can I get more range from my electric car?
Things like road and weather conditions, congestion, passengers, and driving style – even the combined weight of the options you choose for your car – all affect your electric range. Driving at lower speeds means your charge will go further – high speed motorway driving will reduce your range.

And because electric vehicles don’t have engine heat to draw on, using heaters in winter or air conditioning in summer will also reduce your range. Also, just as in a petrol or diesel car, fast and aggressive driving – pulling away quickly and braking hard, overtaking fast and making sudden changes in speed – will lower your range too.

Can I use this to work out my cost per mile?
An all-electric car comes with an official electricity consumption figure. This tells you how far it will take you using one unit of electricity, expressed as ‘miles per kWh’. You can compare different electric cars using this figure. If you know the price of the electricity that‘s charging your car, then it’s simple to work out the cost per mile, too.

What do the range figures mean?
There are two official WLTP electric range figures. ‘WLTP combined electric range’ (or ‘all electric range’) is an average across all four WLTP test cycles (‘low’= city driving; ‘medium’= town; ‘high’= rural; ‘extra high’= motorway). You might notice this is lower than the old NEDC figure – that’s simply because it’s more accurate. The other figure you’re likely to see is ‘WLTP city electric range’, which only uses the low (city) and medium (town) test cycles.


The electric range of every new car is different, so knowing how far each may go on a full charge helps you choose the one that’s right for you

These electric range figures are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect a particular vehicle or what you may achieve yourself. Please ask us for the WLTP electric range figure for the model you're interested in.


How to find your WLTP electric range figures
• Mangoletsi website (information arriving soon)
• Mangoletsi advertising and marketing
• Government’s official database at:
• On the ‘environmental label’ next to new cars in our dealership