Service Covid-19 process

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When you arrive on site please park your car as normal and leave your windows slightly open in order to ventilate your vehicle prior to our technician working on it. Please ensure you air conditioning is switched off and any personal items are removed.

Please enter through the main front doors of the Fiat/Abarth showroom where you will find a sanitisation station. Follow our one-way system to service and parts reception which is clearly marked on the floor and observes the 2 metre social distancing guidelines. Our reception desks have Sneeze screens fitted to protect you and our staff. We do not need any paperwork signing as with your permission we will sign on your behalf. There is a key drop off area with a container to leave your key in which will then be sanitised. We have also provided a customer waiting area incorporating the 2 metre distancing guidelines. We’ve decided not to offer hot drinks I’m afraid, so if you have a waiting appointment, you may want to bring your own.

Your technician will fit seat covers and sanitise your vehicle prior to commencing any work and where possible only one technician will work on it. Once the work is complete the technician will sanitise all main touch points, fit a new seat cover, steering wheel cover, handbrake cover and gear stick cover. A ‘sanitised’ security sticker will be fitted to the driver’s door to ensure everyone knows that the vehicle has been through the correct sanitisation process.

We hope that this all makes sense, but if you have any questions or useful suggestions, please let us know.

Below you will see photographs of the deep clean we carried out prior to opening to ensure all areas of our dealership were deep cleaned prior to opening. Following these photographs we have a taken photographs of the customer journey through our Service department

Dealership Deep Clean

Customer journey when visiting our Service department

To exit